Thursday, August 28, 2014

Food Expo and Induction of Officers

On 28 Aug. 2014, the Phil. Confectionery
Biscuits and Snack Association (PCBSA)
held its formal induction for the new
set of Officers & Directors for 2014-2015:
(L-R) Reynaldo Go/Columbia’s and Out-going
President, Jimmy Cu/Markenburg & President-
Elect, STC and William Lim/WL Foods & In-coming Vice President. Representing PAGASA is Pres.Steven Cua and Director Fred Gravador and his better half and active Member, Simple.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The Dept. of Agriculture called a Meetingat its offices on 11 August 2014 to assess the supply and apparent increase in price of chicken in the market. Corp. Sec. Karl Marxist Tan represented PAGASA at said meeting where DA said ascertained that there was ample supply of chicken and that inequitable distribution was the culprit for seeming lack of poultry meat and resulting increase in prices at wet markets and supermarkets.  STC was later interviewed on the said topic in a supermarket.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 DTI Usec. Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba calls a meeting with manufacturers and retailers on 5 Aug. 2014 to discuss how the current truck ban is affecting the supply of prime commodities considering the container traffic at the ports.  Joining the meeting are Edita de Leon/Pres.-Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers (conversing with Usec.) and (counter-clockwise from her) PASI Pres. Carlos Cabochan, STC, NAMVESCO-National Market Vendors Cooperative representative Rodolfo Dalangin,PASI VP Rene Guevarra, PASI’s Fidian Ples (son of Atty. Fred Ples), Logistics  Staff of Nestle Phils. and the team of Usec. Dimagiba. STC aired PAGASA’s concerns regarding the use of SRPs coming from manufacturers as basis for apprehending retailers when the latter’s prices exceed DTI’s SRPs. He suggested that a deviation of up to 2% above or below DTI’s SRPs is considered ideal to consumers and that this be included as a footnote to the SRP List posted/printed by DTI.