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Social Enterprises Act of 2012

PAGASA was invited to attend a Forum on Social Enterprises organized by the Ateneo Center for Social Entrepreneurship on 23 May 2012.  A House Bill (No. 6085) has been filed as the Magna Carta for Social Enterprises Act of 2012.  Businesses are asked to help in the mainstreaming of these groups aimed at self-help and poverty alleviation.

Consumer Protection & Trade Regulation

On 22 May 2012, STC attended another public hearing of the Technical Working Group for the amended Consumer Act of the Philippines at Congress representing the private sector.  The TWG was chaired by Atty. Rhodora Raterta and its Secretariat Head Valentin Palanca.  Various bill proposals are being considered by the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection & Trade Regulation headed by Cong. Tomas Apacible.

Meeting with Local Wine & Liquor Cluster

STC was invited by the Local Wine & Liquor Cluster (aided by the government) to discuss how they can penetrate the local market and possibly get on the shelves of PAGASA Member-stores. The meeting was hosted by the Department of Agriculture at its offices along Elliptical Road. Wines manufactured using local fruits were bottled with considerable improvement in packaging from years ago.