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Nestle hosts Counterfeit Product Awareness

Last March 8, 2006, Nestle Philippines hosted a counterfeit product awareness seminar at the Department of Trade and Industry building. Since 2002, there has been an increasing number of counterfeit Nestle products such as Bear Brand, Milo, Nescafe, Coffeemate and Nido. During the seminar, Nestle speakers compared the original products with the counterfeit products and how to detect them. The seminar was participated by government employees, market masters as well as from the supermarket industry including PAGASA. Nestle Philippines has promised rewards of up to P1 Million to those who report counterfeiters. This may be reported to their 24-hour hotline at 8108266

Sustainable What

A new trend in retailing worldwide has to do with Sustainable Development. Sustainable what? Sustainable Development pertains to economic development with an eye for the sustainability of our environment. It keeps an eye on the ecological balance of one’s neighborhood resulting to the total good of one’s city and the standard of life in that community. It is also known as Environmental Sustainability.

PAGASA 2006 2nd Qtr Gen Meet

PAGASA will have its 2006 second quarter general meeting on March 24, 2006. Please get in touch with the secretariat as to the time and venue.

PAGASA members attends UNEP Seminar

The Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association (PAGASA) led by its President Steve Cua attended the United Nations Environment Program workshop seminar held last March 1 and 2, 2006 at the Astoria Plaza, Escriva Drive, Pasig. The training workshop dubbed "Training Program on Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Retail Industry" sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme is a continuing workshop which aims to increase the awareness of the people if the impact of consumption and production practices to the environment. The agency acknowledges the retail sector as a powerful medium to encourage manufacturers to use "green production" methods as well as teach consumers on protecting the environment.