Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Just one day after the Emergency Meeting to ascertain supplies of food and basic necessities in affected areas, DTI Sec. Domingo calls a National Price Coordinating Council (NPCC) Meeting on the afternoon of 11/12/13.
Meeting is to implement a price freeze on all goods
and commodities nationwide in view of affected
supplies in damaged areas. In anticipation of increased demand for relief goods from neighboring Cebu and Manila which may cause prices to balloon nationwide, the President has declared a National State of Calamity which triggers a price freeze. Prices may go down but may not go up for basic necessities (based on their average for the last three months as monitored by DTI’s BTRCP) until the President lifts said State of Calamity. Price freeze will be implemented by region if applicable and by province if necessary effective immediately.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Dept. of Trade & Industry Sec. Gregory Domingo
calls an Emergency Meeting upon the instruction
of the President in the morning of 11 Nov. 2013.
This is to assess the supply of basic necessities in
the provinces/areas damaged by Typhoon Yolanda
(International Name Typhoon Haiyan) and the
state of retail outlets in the aftermath of looting
after the typhoon unleashed its fury last Friday>
11/8/13. No power, fuel, water or assess to ports
and roads the main problem in getting aid/relief
goods to affected areas. Military to be called in
to address issues on disorder.