Wednesday, December 21, 2005

UNEP Seminar on Sustainability in Kuala Lumpur

In December of 2005, the United Nations Environment Program (based in Paris) launched their Asian drive to promote sustainable development globally through retailers. The UNEP believed that retailers were strategic as mediators between suppliers (whose packaging efforts affect the environment critically) and consumers (whose actions will totally affect the environment of this world). They invited retailers from the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia to spearhead this drive. The Philippine delegation to this one-day seminar in Kuala Lumpur included (from left) Alan Cajes of Development Academy of the Phils., Manuel Alberto of Shopwise, Josephine Abanto/consultant, Steven Cua of PAGASA (3RD from left), Evelyn Salire of the Phil. Retailers Assn. and Norma Hernandez of the Dept. of Trade & Industry/Bureau of Product Standards. With them are Mandar Parasnis (UNEP Consultant from India), Bas de Leeuw (Head of the Strategy Unit for Production & Consumption of the UNEP) and Solange Montillaud-Joyel (Implementation Officer of the Production & Consumption Branch of the UNEP) who handled this Seminar.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Members mailing list and login account

We are requestiong all current members to send their e-mail address to for inclusion in the members mailing list.
The mailing list will be used to send out notices and for discussion of any topic that may concern the member and the industry.
Please don't forget to include your name, updated address and phone numbers for inclusion in our directory.
Members are also encouraged to signup for an account on the website. We will be setting up a members only content for the benefit of the members.
Thank you.
Due to the number of non-PAGASA members signing up for an account, we have disabled the automatic registration. Instead, please email SECRETARIAT with your preferred login name and we'll send you your account password.

Monday, November 7, 2005

PAGASA Officers 2006 - 2007

The PAGASA Board of Directors 2006 - 2007 had its 1st meeting last November 7, 2005 at the Mati Greek Restaurant in Rockwell, Makati.
During the meeting, the board elected from among themselves the officers for the term 2006 - 2007. Elected on his fourth term as president is Steven Cua from Welcome Supermart, Roy Chua of Daily Supermart is elected as Vice President and PRO, Karl Marxist Tan of Super Palengke as Secretary and William Villanueva of Purity Supermarket as Treasurer. The rest of the Board of Directors includes Edgar Robles of Susana Mart, Edmund Cua of Royal Family Supermart, Llansel Sy of Liana's Supermart, Robert Tan of Watson's Supermart, Virgilio Del Mundo of RFC Supermarket,

Expanded Senior Citizens Discount on Agricultural products

PAGASA attended the Expanded Senior Citizens Discount on Agricultural products consultation hosted by the Department of Agriculture last November 7, 2005. The forum held at the Apacible Hall of the Department of Agriculture was led by DA Assistant Secretary Romeo S. Recide

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

PAGASA Position Paper on EO No. 51 on Breastmilk Substitutes,Breastmilk Supplements and Related Prod

The following article is PAGASA's position on Executive Order 51 (Breastmilk Supplements and Related Products). 1. Given today's busy lifestyle for urbanites, working mothers must given a choice on how to feed her infant when she cannot, because of work schedules or career requirements (i.e., assigned to a post out-of-town or out of the country), breastfeed her child. These modern-day heroes shuffling as mothers and professionals should be provided access to breastmilk substitutes to assure that the delicate balance of providing the needed nourishment to their child and getting their work done is achieved. One may say that these young mothers will have to make a choice to stay at home as mothers or stay childless to advance their careers. This seems to sound fine but will surely not hold water for today's young (especially urbanite) female adults who want to shuffle between work and motherhood. This sounds like work/sexual discrimination at the workplace. After all, we need all the output these productive young women can contribute to our economy.
To address this predicament and increase the collective productive output of these young female adults who want to balance life as mothers and career women, we must make breastmilk substitutes available to them at prices they can afford.
2. It may be advisable for these careered young mothers to attain a 6-month permit from their O.B.Gyne/Pediatrician which states that within that period of time, she is allowed to purchase breastmilk substitutes for the sustainance of her infant. This way, she need not line up at a pediatrician's office each time she needs to buy breastmilk substitutes and pay for the said prescription. The latter not only takes precious time off her limited conscious hours in a day but saves her some money in having to pay for the needed prescription from the pediatrician.
3. In order to make breastmilk substitutes affordable to careered lactating mothers (as some of them are wage earners), these must be relatively well-distributed. To achieve economies of scale for both the manufacturers and distributors, it would be wise to allow for a wider range of channels of distribution and include supermarkets as outlets for these products. This not only makes the product more affordable to the young mother, it also makes it more accessible to her. Supermarkets must of course, ask for the permit (which lasts for 6 months) before allowing the purchase of infant (0-6 months old) milk. For mothers with children 6-months to 2-years old, we suggest they get another permit from their pediatrician (stating that they are working with so-and-so company and have children who were born so-and-so dates thereby needing from time to time to buy milk until the child/children are 2 years of age) which expires every 6 months for the same purpose and for the same line of reasoning. As such, working mothers who are contractual in nature will have to continuously breastfeed their child/children while employed to assure that they are still producing milk for them when she no longer works (as these mothers will not be given a 6-month permit by their pediatricians now that they are non-working mothers).
4. Regarding the safeguarding of breastmilk substitutes from false advertising and fraudulent misrepresentation, we suggest that we need not totally ban all advertisements for these products as that will also affect an industry (that of advertising and its allied industries) and our fragile economy as a whole. What we need is vigilant and consistent screening of ads before they are released to the public. Here, hefty sanctions for violations should be added to the Bill to protect the public from constant "brain-washing" and "mis-orientation" from unscrupulous manufacturers / marketing people / advertisers / p.r. practitioners who offer their breastmilk substitutes as infant formula promoting/enhancing giftedness or intellectual superiority.
STEVEN T. CUA President PAGASA Phil. Amalgamated Supermarkets Assn

Friday, June 10, 2005

PAGASA Supports Launch of Pork in a Box Project

The Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association (PAGASA) joined the Department of Agriculture during its launch of the Pork in a Box Project at the grounds of the Department of Agriculture in Quezon City this June 10, 2005.
The launch was opened by DA NMIC Director Efren Nuestro who gave the welcome remarks. DA Assistant Secretary Salvador Salacup addressed the audience on the Pork in the Box Project of the government.
The Pork in a Box Project aims to deliver clean but cheaper pork to the public. The pork is processed in the port of origin such as General Santos and blast freezed before transported to Metro Manila. This eliminates the cost of feeds while transporting the hogs from the province as well as the risk of the animals dying during the transporation.
Mr. Albert Lim, president of the National Hog Raisers Association, Marvin Buenaflor and PAGASA President Steven Cua also gave speeches endorsing the Pork in a Box Project.
PAGASA was also represented by its directors William Villanueva and Karl Marxist Tan and Bryan Lee.