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“Practical Business”

PAGASA's STC was invited as a guest to a live Cable TV Show called "Practical Business" on 20 Sept. 2012 at the studios of the Global News Network (GNN).  It is hosted by veteran newcaster Miguel Gil.  The other guest is Mr. Luna Go of the Textile Assn. of the Phils.  Topic was the state of the Phil. supermarket and textile industry as well as the issue on plastic bags.  GNN is seen in HK, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and the Philippines.

Penalty Charged on Plastic Bags

At the height of a little controversy in implementation and some confusion in execution on the P2 penalty charged to QC customers who do not bring their own reusable bag/s or used plastic bag/s (for retailers to collect and surrender to plastic recyclers) when they shop, GMA 7's Saleema Refran catches up with PAGASA's STC on a Sunday>9/9/12 morning at the Centris Station while the latter was doing some weekend shopping with the family. Discussion centered on the strict compliance of said QC Ordinance in public/wet markets and flea markets (temporary tiangges). The penalty was observed beginning 1 Sept. 2012.

Opening of Food & Drinks Asia at the World Trade Center

PAGASA was invited to grace the opening of Food & Drinks Asia at the World Trade Center on 6 Sept. 2012. Together with STC (L-R) is Josephine P. Miranda/EVP of LNA Mgt. Grp. Corp.>organizer of the Show, PASI's Carlos V. Cabochan; Chef Roberto P. Francisco/Pres.-Hotel & Restaurant Chefs Assn. of the Phils.; PhilExport Pres. Sergio R. Luis-Ortiz, Jr.; Dir. Leandro H. Gazmin of DA's Agribusiness & Marketing Assitance Service and Mr. Raul Robles from the office of Pasay Congresswoman Calixto. Mr. Miguel Romero Salas/Pres.>Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the Phils.(leftmost) and guests from Mexico joined in the ribbon-cutting.