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PAGASA Position Paper on EO No. 51 on Breastmilk Substitutes,Breastmilk Supplements and Related Prod

The following article is PAGASA's position on Executive Order 51 (Breastmilk Supplements and Related Products). 1. Given today's busy lifestyle for urbanites, working mothers must given a choice on how to feed her infant when she cannot, because of work schedules or career requirements (i.e., assigned to a post out-of-town or out of the country), breastfeed her child. These modern-day heroes shuffling as mothers and professionals should be provided access to breastmilk substitutes to assure that the delicate balance of providing the needed nourishment to their child and getting their work done is achieved. One may say that these young mothers will have to make a choice to stay at home as mothers or stay childless to advance their careers. This seems to sound fine but will surely not hold water for today's young (especially urbanite) female adults who want to shuffle between work and motherhood. This sounds like work/sexual discrimination at the workplace. A