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UNEP Seminar on Sustainability in Kuala Lumpur

In December of 2005, the United Nations Environment Program (based in Paris) launched their Asian drive to promote sustainable development globally through retailers. The UNEP believed that retailers were strategic as mediators between suppliers (whose packaging efforts affect the environment critically) and consumers (whose actions will totally affect the environment of this world). They invited retailers from the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia to spearhead this drive. The Philippine delegation to this one-day seminar in Kuala Lumpur included (from left) Alan Cajes of Development Academy of the Phils., Manuel Alberto of Shopwise, Josephine Abanto/consultant, Steven Cua of PAGASA (3RD from left), Evelyn Salire of the Phil. Retailers Assn. and Norma Hernandez of the Dept. of Trade & Industry/Bureau of Product Standards. With them are Mandar Parasnis (UNEP Consultant from India), Bas de Leeuw (Head of the Strategy Unit for Production & Consumption of the UNEP)

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